Regular vs. Greek Yogurt…Which is Better???

I had a friend post a status on facebook on whether or not the Greek yogurt she was eating was worth it or not.  Well, I did some research and this is what I found.  When it comes to benefits, the Greek yogurt benefits out weigh the benefits of the regular yogurt (i.e., yoplait). 

  • Greek yogurt has double the protein (about 20g compared to 11-13g) of regular yogurt.  (Protein acutally helps to curb the appetite)
  • Greek yogurt has fewer calories and half of the sodium of regular yogurt
  • Greek yogurt can be used for cooking, whereas, regular yogurt cannot because it will curdle

So, even though the taste is slightly different, if you are looking to get serious about your health and about losing weight Greek yogurt is the way to go. 


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