Want to start running? Do you want to run a 5k, half, or full marathon?

This post was inspired by the fact that I love to run and by my friend Chrissy who just ran her first marathon today at Disney World.  Running is something that some people do just for fun and some people decided they want to do because it has a lot of benefits as far as health wise and losing weight.  Running is one of the best exercises that can help you burn the most calories (approx 600-800+ per hour) and is also the best exercise for conditioning your heart and lungs.  As well as burning a lot of calories, running also is a great stress reliever and helps fight depression.

If you are already a runner and / or would like to challenge yourself to run a race such as a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon, there are websites that set up great plans to get you ready for your first race.  Here are a couple of websites I have found that can help you with the 5k plan and half / full marathon training:

couch to 5k



Half / Full marathon training programs (from beginners to advanced running levels)





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