Benefits of Bananas…

Other than just being delicious, bananas have quite a few healthy benefits.  Bananas are loaded with carbohydrates, lots of vitamin A, potassium, iron, and natural sugars.  They are a great source of energy.  I usually can’t handle a lot in my stomach before I go to run, so I usually eat a banana just to give me some energy.  I have to make sure my blood sugar doesn’t bottom out and I don’t get dizzy during or after I work out.  The banana usually will hold me over until I can get a protein shake after my run.  Bananas also reduce the risk of heart disease and they can lower your blood pressure.  Other interesting benefits of bananas that I recently learned about are that they can help with depression and improve your brain function.  So, unless you are totally opposed to the taste of bananas, eat a banana a day it can only do you some good. : )


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