Water has more benefits than you think!!!

The recommended intake of water is 8 cups of water a day.  Another way to figure out how much water you need to consume each day is to use the following equation:

0.5 oz. x your body weight (lbs.) = daily fluid requirement in ounces 

Adequate water consumption is needed to make your brain, body, and kidneys function properly.  Some of the benefits that water has on the body are:

  • It helps you to feel full (drink before a meal, so you don’t eat as much.  That is if you are trying to lose weight or don’t want to overeat)
  • Prevents constipation (helps with the digestive system)
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Its good for lubricating your joints and helping to make your muscles work harder

If you don’t like plain water then add some flavoring to it.  Some healthy options are:

  • slice up some cucumbers and add to the water picther and let it sit in there over night
  • squeeze some lemons in your water
  • use the crystal light sugar free flavoring packets
  • there are other sugar free options to flavor your water and make sure you are staying healthy

One thought on “Water has more benefits than you think!!!

  1. This calculation is only to determine a baseline of how much water you would need. There are other factors in determining how much water you would need if you are working out such as how long you are working out, the intensity, the temperature, humidity, etc…

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